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Previously Ukraine was the main attraction for Indian students to study abroad, but given the circumstances of the war between Ukraine and Russia, students are diverting to new hotspots after Ukraine. Studying MBBS in Uzbekistan is the new famous and foremost choice of Indian students for their education MBBS in Uzbekistan is the prominent option to choose. The medical education in Uzbekistan, all the lectures and the practicals of the 6 years MBBS course including one year internship are taught in English medium. Since Uzbekistan is now the new top option for Indian students, there is an increase in the number of Indian students getting their MBBS degrees from top medical universities of Uzbekistan. Currently there are 100s Indian students studying in Uzbekistan. This increase in the students from India is due to the quality of education, English medium coaching, and the lost cost of the medical degree in Uzbekistan. Students can complete their medicinal course from Uzbekistan under just Rs. 18 lacs. The universities offer such a low fee structure with worldwide recognition, internship and practical knowledge in affiliated hospitals. If you are looking to study your medical degree from Uzbekistan, have a look at the detailed information now.

Why Study MBBS in Uzbekistan?

To study in Uzbekistan these are the advantages offered by the top medical universities in Uzbekistan:

  • The medical universities in Uzbekistan provide a number of the most superior coaching technologies. This permits college students to keep their education updated and relevant.
  • The education in Uzbekistan is of the top-order and follows superior practices.
  • They consist of having the best range of college students withinside the lecture room to cater to their respective educational needs.
  • MBBS in Uzbekistan is all about the price factor. You will notice that the training fee is much less in comparison with India's private medical schools
  • You will discover several Uzbekistan medical universities perceived through NMC and international bodies like WHO.
  • The Medium of coaching in medical schools in Uzbekistan is English. So Indian college students may not have any difficulty.
  • Uzbekistan medical college education has an excellent nature and outstanding foundation.

MBBS in Uzbekistan - Is it Safe for Indian Students?

It is really safe for Indian students to live and study MBBS in Uzbekistan, have a look at the below given points:

  • Uzbekistan is a completely non violent country & people are very friendly. They had been pioneers in advanced training in the Central Soviet region. Uzbek has top Universities for MBBS.
  • The country is a splendid choice to go in for the MBBS Course because the first-class Education in that country is truly top class.
  • They are secure because the entire country is under CCTV surveillance. The people over there are truly welcoming to the Indians and have outstanding respect for our country.
  • There are numerous faculties in Uzbekistan like Tashkent Medical Academy which offer fine medical research to the students.

Opportunities after Completing an MBBS Degree from Uzbekistan?

Study MBBS in Uzbekistan and open various career avenues. This makes them special, have look at the possibilities:

  • Eligible students need to check the postgraduate options after acquiring the MBBS degree in Uzbekistan. After receiving an MBBS degree from Uzbekistan University, Indian college students can review the eligibility standards for pursuing postgraduate research in India in addition to abroad.
  • Uzbekistan offers the best precedence to medical studies improvement. Students of the medical University are offered diverse possibilities to work with the main scientists of the world.
  • Students can work and make contributions to the improvement of the medical field which opens new professional paths for college students interested in studies and improvement in the medical field.

Education System in Uzbekistan

The education system for the MBBS course in Uzbekistan is described below:

  • Uzbekistan is the country having only public institutions. There are no private institutions.
  • Students admitted to the university must complete the secondary form of education. During the course of the study, government assistance is provided in the form of stipends and training.
  • Thousands of students apply for limited seats for studying MBBS in Uzbekistan.
  • NEET is the mandatory examination required for enrolling in the MBBS course. All the entrance tests are taking place simultaneously on August 1st throughout the Republic.
  • Admissions to medical institutions in Uzbekistan are completely on merit basis. No donations will be charged from the foreign students.

The MBBS course duration in Uzbekistan is of 5 years. The details about the MBBS course durations are discussed below:

  • MBBS in Uzbekistan lasts for a duration of 5 years. There is 1 year of the internship program which is compulsory for each medical student.
  • The courses taught in the English language.
  • During the course of the study, students are subjected to an advanced training program as conducted by the university.

MBBS Universities in Uzbekistan

University Name Country Rank World Rankk
Andijan State Medical Institute 2 5044
Bukhara State Medical Institute 45 10410
Tashkent State Dental Institute 37 9800
Samarkand State Medical Institute 15 7954
Tashkent Medical Academy 5 6342

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